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Mother of dragons's eggs

Mother of dragons's eggs

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Immerse yourself in the epic universe of Game of Thrones and become the mother of dragons. Be seduced by our unique handmade dragon egg design. Adopt Drogon, Rhaegal or Viserion and prepare to burn your enemies!

I offer you an artisanal and totally (made) handmade version of the eggs of your favorite fictional dragons. The eggs are available in two sizes, 21 cm and 10 cm. The eggs are made of polymer clay. Each scale is hand sculpted from clay.

My little extra? Imperfection! And yes ! Many designers place each scale linearly, following lines. But I don't do it like that. Each scale is deliberately placed randomly, damaged and damaged. This makes the egg much more realistic to me, evoking the idea that these scales come from a living creature. This strengthens the link between the created object and the imagination of the dragon. ! Each imperfect scale is different, giving your creation unique singularity and character. This adds value to the work by making it special and distinct. Deliberately adding imperfections demonstrates craftsmanship.


  • Size: 21 cm/ 10 cm
  • Color: Dark red/ Dark green/ Cream
  • Material: Self-hardening polymer clay/ Filling coating/
  • Finish: Protective matte varnish
  • Design: Inspired by Game of Thrones eggs
  • Basic support included.
  • The light display is optional
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In the event of a figurine broken during transport, repair is free! You have one month after receipt to return the damaged parts. After one month, the repair will be invoiced.

  • Processing time

    Due to high demand, please take into account a waiting list of 2 and a half months from the day of your order.

    It takes between 1 to 3 days to print, and 1 to 3 days to paint the figurine.

  • Delivery

    International tracked letter: Between 7 and 13 days on average

    Colissimo France: Around 3 working days

    Colissimo International: Allow a minimum of 15 days (with customs). Beyond 30 days, you have the right to file a complaint with

  • Cleaning

    • Avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight
    • To remove dirt, dust or fingerprints, gently wipe the surface of the jewelry with a soft cloth
    • Avoid harsh chemicals
    • Resin figures may be susceptible to scratches. Avoid rubbing them against rough surfaces
  • Copyright 1/2

    In accordance with copyright, we are not able to directly name the products inspired by the series “House of the Dragon”, “Game of thrones”, or the original work written by GRR MARTIN, with their real names. We will therefore use appropriate nicknames, either already known or invented by ourselves.

  • Copyright 2/2

    The figurines are sold in partnership and with the authorization of two 3D artists, Kamil from @hive_mind_3d and Samuel from @samucu-art. However, the 3D model remains the property of its creator, so I am not authorized to sell the 3D files.

    The figurines are not official replicas, but creations made from A to Z by Samuel or Kamil, inspired by dragons known from pop culture.

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