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The Red Queen

The Red Queen

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Product Description :

"Meleys grew up Dragonpit during the reign of Jaehaerys I Targaryen . In the year 75 , it rose for the first time by the princess Alyssa Targaryen , just after her marriage with his brother Baelon Targaryen . Alyssa loves flying dragon , it's her favorite activity after sleeping with her husband. In AD 77 , Alyssa flies to Meleys with her first son, Viserys , nine days after his birth. In the year 81 , at the birth of his second son, Daemon , she only waits half a moon, before taking him to fly with her on Meleys. Alyssa Targaryen dies in AD 83 giving birth to her third son, Aegon [1] .

In the year 87 , the princess Rhaenys Targaryen , niece of Alyssa, becomes the dragon strap of Meleys at thirteen years old."


Features :

  • Material: High quality resin
  • Length (note that the size is approximate): 30 cm
  • Hand painted finish available (optional)
  • Careful details for a reproduction inspired by the Meleys dragon
  • Perfect for collectors, fantasy fans and decorative object lovers
  • Ideal as a collector's item, home decor item or unique gift
  • Model made by Samuel from @samucu_art

Usage Ideas:

  • Display it proudly in your figurine collection or on a shelf for impressive decoration.
  • Give it as a unique gift to a friend or loved one who is a Game of Thrones fan.
  • Use it as a centerpiece for role play sessions, dioramas or themed displays.

N.B.: Please note that hand painted versions may have subtle variations due to their handmade nature.

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In the event of a figurine broken during transport, repair is free! You have one month after receipt to return the damaged parts. After one month, the repair will be invoiced.

  • Processing time

    Due to high demand, please take into account a waiting list of 2 and a half months from the day of your order.

    It takes between 1 to 3 days to print, and 1 to 3 days to paint the figurine.

  • Delivery

    International tracked letter: Between 7 and 13 days on average

    Colissimo France: Around 3 working days

    Colissimo International: Allow a minimum of 15 days (with customs). Beyond 30 days, you have the right to file a complaint with

  • Cleaning

    • Avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight
    • To remove dirt, dust or fingerprints, gently wipe the surface of the jewelry with a soft cloth
    • Avoid harsh chemicals
    • Resin figures may be susceptible to scratches. Avoid rubbing them against rough surfaces
  • Copyright 1/2

    In accordance with copyright, we are not able to directly name the products inspired by the series “House of the Dragon”, “Game of thrones”, or the original work written by GRR MARTIN, with their real names. We will therefore use appropriate nicknames, either already known or invented by ourselves.

  • Copyright 2/2

    The figurines are sold in partnership and with the authorization of two 3D artists, Kamil from @hive_mind_3d and Samuel from @samucu-art. However, the 3D model remains the property of its creator, so I am not authorized to sell the 3D files.

    The figurines are not official replicas, but creations made from A to Z by Samuel or Kamil, inspired by dragons known from pop culture.

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Customer Reviews

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Ce sont de très beaux produits, avec de belles finitions, et des belles peintures… Les colis sont très bien protégés, avec une assistance de qualité en cas de besoin. Je recommande pour les amoureux de cet univers 👍

This figure is completely amazing.

This figure is completely amazing. The quality, the details on the figure and the painting are at a higher level! This is what you expect to be a collectible figure. Totally worth it!!! 🔥

super amable

Fué la primera figura que compré, encima la limitada de 40cm y no me arrepiento lo más mínimo. La figura es enorme y con muchísimo detalle. La pintura es perfecta, los colores inmejorables.. el envío fué genial y todo super bien protegido junto unos paquetitos de pegamento, lo cual se agradece y unos huevecitos preciosisimos de regalo. Un 1000/10, trato inmejorable y ante cualquier duda responde rapido y super amable :)

❤️🥺 1000/10

It was the first figure I bought, the limited 40cm one! I was afraid of the result as it was my first figure like this and the truth is that it turned out infinitely better than I thought. It is super well painted and the colors are sooo beautiful! The shipping was great and everything was super well protected, with free glue. I don't regret anything, I will buy more. You can see the love that she dedicates to it and she has no problem answering any questions kindly :) and with presents!!! ❤️🥺 1000/10

Je l'ai reçu dans un état excellent

Je l'ai reçu dans un état excellent , les épines et les grand ecailles de meyles était très bien protégé et la couleur et fidèle à la série (HOTD)